Kanazawa has enhanced its value by engaging in cultural exchanges with other UNESCO Creative Cities since its designation to the Network in June 2009.
In 2011, I took part at the mayors' roundtable meeting during the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Meeting in Seoul. This is when I proposed to hold the meeting in my city in 2015, which was confirmed during the 2013 meeting in Bologna. Today I am greatly honoured to be able to welcome UNESCO Creative Cities from all over the world to my city.
Ten years have passed since the UNESCO Creative Cities Network was founded in 2004; it is now 69 cities strong and spread throughout 32 countries. I am looking forward to this opportunity to reflect and share opinions with other creative cities on the sustainable development and protection of cultural diversity within the Network and how we can create a vision for the next ten years.
This is also why we are holding a Mayors' Roundtable Meeting in addition to the general meeting with representatives from each member city during the conference with the aim of sharing insights on the mayors' role in the network's expansion and on urban development by utilizing each city's uniqueness, attractions and charms.
I hope that during the delegates' visit, they will take the opportunity to discover the cultural, historical and natural attractions that Kanazawa has to offer while strengthening their ties with the other member cities.
I eagerly await welcoming all delegates of UCCN around the world.
Yukiyoshi Yamano
Mayor of Kanazawa